About evo

The evo mission is to create innovative, salon-only products that are simple, luxurious and effective to use; to tell the truth, expose the frauds; keep the hair and beauty industry honest.

evo is an innovative, professional hair and beauty product manufacturer with individuality and integrity; a manufacturer that speaks the truth.  Born from a desire to produce an exclusive salon range (and not sell it as the answer to life, love and other woes), evo steps outside the normal realm of truth-stretching invention in a ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ crusade of twisted honesty – designed to make people think. And so comes the catch phrase – saving ordinary humans from themselves™

Inside the bottles of evo that are bursting with personality, you’ll find luxurious products that are sulphate, paraben, dea, tea and propylene glycol free; products that give professional results while respecting the environment. you won’t find unnecessary, over-marketed ingredients; no imaginary technology, no myths, no gimmicks. all ingredients in evo formulations are active; nothing is added only to make claims on the label.  The evo® designers and chemists formulate products with the finest, globally-sourced ingredients and package them in stylish, palm-friendly containers that are bursting with personality – all to give people the results they strive for while adding more pleasure to their day.




evo hair products are luxurious formulations made from the finest globally-sourced ingredients. They are divided into 6 product families, catering for different hair needs and distinguished by colour-coded packaging (to make it easier on you lot).


  • calm dry follicles unite™ ≈ moisturise dry, frizzy, colour-treated hair
  • care love is in the hair™ ≈ repair weak, brittle, colour-treated hair
  • volume fat & happy™ ≈ volumise fine, limp, colour-treated hair
  • curl twisted for life™ ≈ support curly hair and enhancenatural wave
  • straight tame the strays™ ≈ smooth coarse hair and controlthe frizz
  • style great sculptors don’t use tofu™ ≈ styling and finishing options forall hair types.




evo face care provides gimmick-free formulas without harsh surfactants, preservatives and fillers, and no unnecessary, over-marketed ingredients put there only to make claims on labels.




evo® body care products were created in line with the evo mission to make innovative, gimmick-free products that are honest and give great results. They are easy-to-use, bollox-free, effective skin care systems




evo creates innovative, professional tools designed to complement evo products and make your life that little bit easier.


The evo range is distributed exclusively through the very best salons and is found wherever good hairdressers are stocked.






We’re in charge of our own destiny, we create our own colour, you know what i’m saying; we understand each other. And while we’re at it, we’ll give them some of that ‘take – home goodness.’ Fabuloso Pro: we’ll make it together.

evo® fabuloso pro in-salon ‘colour refresh and maintenance system’ – enables hairdressers to refresh, intensify and maintain their clients’ hair colour in between all colour services (permanent, demi and semi-permanent). Using evo® fabuloso pro, salons can offer 3 professional services:

  • create unlimited semi-colours for use during a colour service to refresh, fill, tone, pastelise, accent and enhance all colour (permanent, demi and semi-permanent)
  • provide a shine treatment as an after-colour service that helps seal the cuticle; helping to maintain and preserve hair colour
  • mix unlimited retail colour conditioners as a part of a customised retail service to perfectly match and help maintain clients’ colour in-between salon visits (permanent, demi and semi-permanent)

evo® fabuloso pro colour intensifiers are direct pigment, deposit only, ammonia free, peroxide free semi-colours in a conditioner base. Colour refresh, colour tone, colour fill, colour accent, and colour enhance by mixing the 8 fabuloso pro colour intensifiers to create an endless array of semi colours. Temptress after colour service is a professional strength, ammonia free, peroxide free treatment that helps seal the cuticle as well as maintain and preserve hair colour – leaving the most porous hair perfectly smooth and incredibly shiny. evo® fabuloso pro conditioner bases extend the life of hair colour, improve hair strength, increase moisture and give added uv protection. Add the evo® fabuloso pro colour intensifiers to the conditioner bases to create a customised colour intensifying conditioner for your client.





Megan, Renee and Debbie were selected as one of the three top teams in New Zealand for the Schwarzkopf Essential Looks Competiton. These are our final images of our gorgeous model Alex!




Look who we met TABATHA COFFEY on the way to the next generation gala night at The Star in Sydney.

Tabatha Coffey


At Moroccanoil®, our passion is empowering beautiful transformations. We started with the original Moroccanoil Treatment which revolutionized the haircare industry. We built our reputation on positive word of mouth from runways to salons to editorial spreads. Our antioxidant infused, nutrient rich, innovative formulas are unmatched and provide dramatic results. That is why salon-exclusive Moroccanoil is preferred by professionals and consumers alike — because our products simply work.

We invite you to experience Moroccanoil and discover the performance behind the headlines.






LA CLINICA FOR SKIN & BODY is a cosmeceutical skin care line with a focus on visible results, efficacy, safety and organic ingredients. Its luxurious, high performance products cater to all skin types and conditions. LA CLINICA also offers professional “practitioner only” treatment products for medi-spas, doctors, specialised clinics, spas and skin care therapists.


LA CLINICA FOR SKIN & BODY was started in 1995. It is 100% Australian owned and operates its own certified organic, skin care manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Australia. All ingredients used are of the highest quality. With its use of maximum recommended doses of cosmeceutical actives and vitamins, the products are highly effective yet gentle. Natural, plant-derived, certified organic ingredients are used wherever possible – therapeutic actives, botanical extracts, essential oils, vegetable oils and waxes. Consumer health and safety are of the utmost importance, hence the omission of harmful chemicals, synthetic oils and fragrances.

LA CLINICA FOR SKIN & BODY products target skin problems, fight visible signs of ageing, improve the appearance of your skin, improve the appearance of your body, give you an overall sense of well-being and good health. Consumer health and safety are of the utmost importance, hence the use of carefully selected ingredients, in particular the certified organic content of each product.


LA CLINICA FOR SKIN & BODY is a skin care manufacturer with its own certified manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Australia. All ingredients used are of the highest quality. With its use of maximum recommended doses of vitamins and actives, the products are so powerful as to be deemed cosmeceuticals. Natural, plant-derived, certified organic ingredients are used wherever possible – therapeutic actives, botanical extracts, essential oils, vegetable oils and waxes.

LA CLINICA FOR SKIN & BODY’s quest for purity goes so far as to use spring water, rich in silica from its certified organic farm, qualifying its purity. This spring water is used in the manufacturing process of LA CLINICA FOR SKIN & BODY products.

LA CLINICA FOR SKIN & BODY does not test its products on animals.


LA CLINICA FOR SKIN & BODY combines the best of Australian standards with world standard formulating expertise. Its product development team constantly reviews its formulae and ingredients to ensure its products are of the best possible quality for your skin and body care needs. LA CLINICA FOR SKIN & BODY products have been developed, formulated, tested and refined since its beginning in 1995.


The LA CLINICA FOR SKIN & BODY product categories work in conjunction with each other. You don’t need to adhere to the one product range on your skin care regime. However, we strongly recommend that LA CLINICA FOR SKIN & BODY products are not used in conjunction with other branded products as we are unfamiliar with other brands’ formulae. Therefore, we cannot predict how our products would perform under those circumstances.


la clinica

Schwarzkopf Awards


Fusion Hair were finalists in the recent 2013 Scwarzkopf awards.  The team made the finals in three categories, which were retail salon of the year, colour salon of the year and overall salon of the year.

The awards were held in Auckland and involved salons that are exclusively Schwarzkopf.  Out of 67 salons only five salons made the finals.  Huge achievment and shows how much we have grown!